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Welcome to our website. We have made some big changes!

Attorneys Matt Oby, Reg Kramer, and Ron Towne have retired. However, Colin Skinner and Ann Wehener will continue to represent the clients of Oby Kramer Skinner, at the law firm of Day Ketterer.

Attorneys Skinner and Wehener both joined Day Ketterer in February 2018. With offices in Canton, Hudson, and Youngstown, Day Ketterer has a proud history of being one of the oldest full-service law firms in Ohio. They provide practical and client-centered solutions to businesses and individuals. Their team of attorneys is regularly recognized, both nationally and regionally, for outstanding work. Day Ketterer has the resources of a large firm, but are small enough to meet clients' changing needs quickly and responsively.

If you came to this website looking for Reg Kramer, Matt Oby, or Ron Towne - Ann and Colin will be happy to assist you. We can be reached at:
Colin Skinner: 330.458.2179
Ann Wehener: 330.458.2137